Benefits of our shutters

Shutters are becoming increasingly popular across London and the UK. Not only do our shutters ooze sophistication and simply look gorgeous, they also have many unique benefits. Let’s explore 7 of the many reasons why customers choose shutters.

Benefits of shutters 11. Shutter are timeless and elegant

Window shutters are a classic choice that will never go out of fashion. Whether you’re trying to achieve a sleek modern look or complement period features for a traditional style, shutters can be adapted to suit all interiors, windows and properties. Shutters not only enhance the interior look of your windows but they look gorgeous from the exterior aligning with your windows perfectly.

Benefits of shutters 22. Child-safe option

Shutters are the perfect choice for children’s rooms and nurseries. Unlike conventional blinds, there are no dangerous cords or chains which can pose a hazard for children. Our shutters are also unique in the fact they can be fitted with a lock which come with removable keys, to prevent children from being able to access and open the window behind.

Benefits of shutters 33. Reduce outside noise with shutters

You simply can’t beat a good night’s sleep and London isn’t always the most quiet of places! Shutters are proven to act as a natural sound barrier and the materials we use are never hollow so you know you are getting the most effective, high-quality shutters. Solid shutters are a popular choice for those wanting the best solution to reducing outside noise.

Benefits of shutters 44. Great for allergy sufferers

With other window dressings, such as curtains or roller blinds, dust can get caught in the fabric, which is a huge contributor to allergies. Cleaning curtains can be very time consuming and costly in removing them from the windows and dry cleaning costs. Some fabric blinds cannot be cleaned thoroughly and have many cords and difficult corners which also trap dust. Shutters are perfect as they are easy to keep clean, preventing a build-up of allergens and dust mites.

Benefits of shutters 55. Shutters are easy to clean

Shutters are easy to clean using either a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner or by using a feather duster or microfibre cloth. Plastic or MDF shutters have a surface that is particularly easy to wipe clean, which are a popular choice for playrooms, hotel rooms and rental properties where constant cleaning may be required.


Benefits of shutters 66. Help to insulate your home

Shutters in general are a great insulator. They help retain heat in the winter months keeping your home warmer and energy bills down. The BBC News recently reported that “The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust has been using thermal imaging cameras to show residents how best to cut their bills. Windows with the shutters closed show up in the images in a deep blue colour, demonstrating little heat is escaping”. They go as far as to say that “…they could be as effective as fitting double glazing.”. Not only do our shutters help us become more eco-friendly but are a huge investment keeping your energy bills down!

Benefits of shutters 77. Control of light and privacy

Shutters allow full access to expose the windows by simply folding back the shutter panels. On the other hand, for total privacy you can completely close the panels and louvres to totally shut yourself off. The uniqueness of the louvres is what makes shutters extremely functional, they can be fully open for maximum natural light whilst still retaining a certain level of privacy. They are completely adjustable so can be altered at different times of the day.