Blackout Shutters

Why Blackout shutters?

If you are light sensitive, have young children that nap during the day or a shift worker, then you will benefit from our blackout shutters. They offer a superior blackout solution than traditional blinds and curtains whilst providing the sleek modern look of shutters.

  • Adds additional insulation 
  • Superior solution to blinds or curtains  
  • Lightweight, honeycomb cell construction 
  • Fully integrated into shutter framework 

Our blackout shutters are custom-made with a honeycomb cell channeled into a unique shutter frame. This allows the honeycomb blind to fit tightly with an overlap in the frame which eliminates almost all light leakage. With the shutters on top as an additional covering, this shall make your room almost completely blackout!

Blackout shutters for bedrooms

Shutters in bedrooms are a popular option and in many cases blackout shutters are not required. Shutters alone are great at eliminating light compared to traditional ‘black-out’ blinds and curtains, which often let light seep in around the edges. With blackout shutters, the solution is vastly more effective and ideal for bedrooms that are exposed to outside lighting, nurseries and those who are more light sensitive.

Best shutters to block out light

Ultimately, the best solution is our blackout shutters. However, there are some design options that can improve light elimination provided by the shutters alone! Louvre size can help – the bigger the louvres, the less light leakage you will have through the louvres. Another highly effective option is our solid shutters.

Alternative blackout window solutions

An alternative solution to our integrated blackout shutters is to install a separate blackout blind behind the shutter frame. Depending on the type of window you have, this can work well. During your home survey we shall discuss all the viable options to achieve the best aesthetical finish, whilst providing the level of blackout you need.

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Blackout Shutters UK

Here at London Interior Shutters, we only source the best quality blackout blinds, made here in the UK. The blinds are always a double foil-lined, fabric design (unique honeycomb) and are never singularly lined. This makes them perfect for capturing air and insulating your windows whilst the foil lining helps to seal away the harsh sunlight.

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