Full-height shutters

Why choose full-height shutters?

Full-height shutters are our most popular style – they are simple, sophisticated and affordable. This type of shutter will cover the entire window, providing privacy and elegance. They are perfect for any room, any window and can be used to cover both windows and doors.

Full-height shutters are:

  • Clean and elegant looking
  • Suitable for all windows
  • Hard-wearing and practical

Full-height shutter designs

The tall panels of full-height shutters create a clean, simple and eye-catching finish and make an elegant window dressing. The louvres control privacy, and light entering a room perfectly. Adding a mid-rail or split louvre increases the functionality, enabling upper and lower louvres to be opened independently of one another. This makes full-height shutters a great alternative to our tier-on-tier style.

All our panels are hinged to a frame and our full-height style is no different. The shutter panels can be easily folded back to the frame, revealing the whole of the window behind, allowing for maximum light and ventilation.

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Full Height shutters can span a window or door of any size and any configuration.
This style of shutter are available in all materials, colours and louvre sizes.

Shutter Design

Design tip

Full-height shutters are perfect for large bi-folding patio doors. We combine shutters with a tracked system which can span any width.

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