Bay window shutters

Why choose bay window shutters?

Our unique bay window shutters create a beautiful and distinctive window space. Aligned to the shapes and angles of your bays, our shutters will complement your windows perfectly. They are the perfect alternative to curtains for the modern-day home.

Bay window shutters will:

  • Enhance your bays into grand features
  • Maximise control of light & privacy
  • Perfect for circular, boxed or any angled bay
  • Totally bespoke designs

Bay window shutter designs

Finding a practical window dressing for bay windows is not always easy. Curtains are all or nothing whilst blinds can be fiddly and flimsy. Shutters are perfect, complementing the architectural features of bay windows whilst offering the best solution for light and privacy control.

Shutters are totally bespoke and are made to follow the angles and contours of every bay window. This creates unmatched style and elegance, perfectly suited to your home and your home only. You can choose from a wide range of shutter styles including full-height, tier-on-tier and café style, so we can create a unique space tailored to your personal preference.

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Bay Window shutters that are finished in a shade of white are our most popular option.
This style of shutter are available in all materials, colours and louvre sizes.

Shutter Design

Design tip

Shutters are extremely versatile, and the louvres are easily tilted to adjust the amount of light entering your room and to give you the level of privacy you want. They can be tilted to completely shut off the outside, be fully open for a clear view or anything in between. You can also choose solid shutters, perfect for Victorian bay windows at street level.

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At London Interior Shutters we pride ourselves on bay windows being our speciality. With our passion for perfection and 100% customer satisfaction, we can create the perfect bay window shutters for your home. Our highly experienced team conducts home design consultations where we survey your windows, assess the best design and provide a no-obligation quotation.

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