Shutter louvre sizes

Choosing the perfect size

Available in 5 different options, louvre size is a design decision that can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your shutters and, ultimately, your room. At London Interior Shutters we will talk you through the different options during your home design visit and help you to select the right louvre size for your shutters.

Considerations for louvre size

  • The height of your window
  • The estimated width of each shutter panel
  • The style and desired look of your shutters
  • The required levels of light and privacy

Our louvre sizes:


Our smallest louvre size which looks great for the classic cottage feel.


A classic louvre size which works well on smaller windows or smaller panels. A very popular option with tier-on-tier style shutters.


Our best-selling louvre size. This suits most windows, large or small, balancing light and privacy beautifully.


A modern, stylish and practical choice that works well on larger windows and doors.


The largest in our range which makes a stylish statement for the largest of windows.

Are all sizes of louvres adjustable?

All louvre sizes are simply adjusted up and down to be set at your desired angle. Simply use the tilt rod to operate or if you opt for the hidden mechanism, tilt one louvre to move in synchronisation with the rest.

Can I operate the upper and lower louvres separately?

There are a number of different ways this can be achieved such as by using a mid-rail divide, split-louvre divide, or using separate shutter panels if opting for a tier-on-tier.

The design of your window will influence our recommendation of which option is best.

Shutter Design
Design tip

Larger louvres allow more natural light to enter your living space.

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