Shutter louvre sizes

Choosing the perfect size

Available in 5 different options, louvre size is a design decision that can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your shutters and, ultimately, your room. At London Interior Shutters we will talk you through the different options during your home design visit and help you to select the right louvre size for your shutters.

Considerations for louvre size

  • The height of your window
  • The estimated width of each shutter panel
  • The style and desired look of your shutters
  • The required levels of light and privacy

Benefits of Different Louvre Sizes 

47mm Louvres 

  • Classic, delicate look perfect for cottages 
  • Allows maximum light into room 
  • Provides some visibility both ways   

63mm Louvres

  • Balances classic style with practicality 
  • Diffuses light more than 47mm in size   
  • Obscures some views in and out 

76mm Louvres 

  • Bestselling size for good reason 
  • Filters light beautifully  
  • Offers mid-level privacy 

89mm Louvres

  • Large modern louvres make statement 
  • Significant light diffusion and glare protection 
  • High levels of privacy   

114mm Louvres

  • Ultimate contemporary style 
  • Maximum privacy, blocks most direct sunlight 
  • Can make space feel darker 

Louvre Size Impacts Shutter Style and Function 

An important design decision for custom louvre window shutters is choosing the right louvre size. We offer 5 louvre sizes ranging from delicate 47mm up to modern 114mm. The optimal shutter louvre size depends on your window dimensions, room aesthetics, and desired privacy vs light levels in the space. 

Louvre Size and Home Value 

The right louvre size, combined with quality installation and materials, boosts your property value. Graceful basswood shutters featuring classic 76mm louvres instantly give rooms a polished, expensive feel appealing to buyers. More privacy or light control from larger louvre sizes in bedrooms and baths also command higher prices.  

Consider Your Window Height and Panel Width 

First, assess your window height and estimated width per shutter panel to determine the best match. For example, smaller 47mm louvre sizes pair nicely with shorter windows and narrower panels like in cozy, cottage-style spaces. Larger louvre sizes like 89mm or 114mm work well on big panoramic windows and wide door panels. 

Balance Style, Light Control and Visibility 

Narrower louvre sizes allow more visibility both inside and out for safety and openness. Wider louvres permit less visibility providing more privacy and light filtering. The optimal middle ground for many homeowners is our popular 76mm medium louvre size – ask our experts what size is suggested for your needs. 

All Louvre Sizes Are Fully Adjustable 

No matter which of our available shutter louvre sizes you choose, all feature adjustable tilt capability. Easily set your louvres at any angle to control sunlight, ventilation and outward visibility as needed. Contact us to learn more about choosing and customising the perfect louvre window shutters! 

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Are all sizes of louvres adjustable?

All louvre sizes are simply adjusted up and down to be set at your desired angle. Simply use the tilt rod to operate or if you opt for the hidden mechanism, tilt one louvre to move in synchronisation with the rest.

Can I operate the upper and lower louvres separately?

There are a number of different ways this can be achieved such as by using a mid-rail divide, split-louvre divide, or using separate shutter panels if opting for a tier-on-tier.

The design of your window will influence our recommendation of which option is best.

Shutter Design
Design tip

Larger louvres allow more natural light to enter your living space.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert Guidance on Louvre SizeOur certified consultants consider room aesthetics, window dimensions, light/privacy needs, and home style to recommend the ideal louvre size to match your vision then realise it beautifully.
  • Quality CraftsmanshipFrom precisely cut basswood to flawless finishing, our shutters are constructed by master’s to look perfect through seasons and decades of enjoyment.
  • Hassle-free ProcessWe neatly handle everything from design concepts to professional installation, so you simply sit back, relax and enjoy a seamless upgrade.

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