With winter fast approaching, it’s common for families to debate heating within homes up and down the country. You won’t be a stranger to hearing “Is it too early in the year to switch it on?” or “Can we hold out without it for a few more weeks?”, and often you may feel as though there is no other option to regain your warmth. However, before you come to your final decision, it is worth considering other factors which could reduce your need for central heating, such as insulating the home.

It’s likely your walls and loft space are already insulated, but have you considered window coverings? With around 30% of your homes heat being lost through its windows every day, window coverings can heavily contribute to towards your warmth. When it comes to choosing your window covering, there is only one choice you should reach for, and that is undoubtably plantation shutters.

Do plantation shutters reduce heat loss?

To cut straight to the chase, yes – plantation shutters are brilliant in retaining heat within the home. In fact, the BBC have reported that closed shutters do in fact act like double glazing for period properties. As well as this, they also prove to be effective throughout summer with their materials also working to reflect heat, keeping your home cool. They’re a win-win all year round!

How do plantation shutters reduce heat loss?

Plantation shutters are an incredibly versatile form of window covering, fitting in with any interior style and window shape. Their ability to retain heat reduces temperature loss by up to 50% on single glazed glass, or even 62% when combined with double glazing.

So, we know the answer to our insulation query, but what is it that makes plantation shutters energy-efficient?

  • Their fit
    Plantation shutters are made to measure, so you can guarantee that they will fit your window like a glove, no matter its shape or size. Built in against the frame, the ability for warm air to escape from your home is dramatically reduced.
  • The material
    Constructed of a thick, durable material, plantation shutters form a barrier between the outside and your home. Their water-resistant qualities keep moisture out without their quality being affected, helping to maintain a steady temperature within your home all year round.

Save money on your heating bills this winter with the installation of high quality, made-to-measure plantation shutters. With a range of designs and louvre sizes, our team at London Interior Shutters are on hand to provide you with a beautifully bespoke shutter solution for your home. Getting in touch with us is simple. Give us a call on 0800 023 5044 or email us at and we will be happy to provide you with our expertise and experience.