Environmental awareness

We love and care for our environment

At London Interior Shutters we understand that providing affordably priced products is not enough. We have a moral responsibility for the impact our business has on the environment. We have taken proactive steps and continue to assess operations in order to reduce the impact we have on our environment.

Sustainably sourced shutters

London Interior Shutters supplies and installs shutters made from sustainable and ethically sourced timber. We can rest easy knowing we provide high-quality shutters without damaging the environment. For every one tree that is used, 4 are planted to replace it.

We love recycling

Recycling is at the heart of our business and is involved in every step of what we do. We work alongside local experts to recycle everything we possibly can and aim not to dispose of anything through general waste.

To minimise our carbon footprint, we recycle:

  • 100% of our cardboard packaging
  • 100% of our waste timber
  • 100% of our office paper waste

We are one of only a few companies that takes these time-consuming but important steps and we feel all businesses should take the lead in changing the way we treat our environment.

Shutters help your home to be more eco friendly

Shutters in general are a great insulator. They help retain heat in the winter months keeping your home warmer and energy bills down. The BBC News reports that closed shutters ‘act like double glazing’ for period properties.

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