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Curved Bay Window


For Curved Bay Windows, measure the width of each individual window, starting from left to right (A – E). Depending on the size of your window you may have more or less sections width dimension. Once you have these separate measurements, you can add them together for the total width of the curved bay or list them individually. Finally measure the height / drop of one window pane (F).

Standard Window


Standard Windows are the easiest to measure. Start by measuring the width of the window (A), and then the height (B) – including the window frame. All prices are based on the size of the window in square metres, so measuring in millimetres is the simplest way.

3 Sided & Box Bay Windows

This method can be used for both 3 – sided bay windows & box / square bay windows: Similar to curved bay windows, start by measuring the width of the right window frame (A), then the centre section (B), and finally the left hand window frame (C). These measurements are then added together for the total width. Again, like the curved bay, measure the height / drop of one window pane (D).

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