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Living Room Shutters Full Height with Midrail Divide

Shutter placement: Where should they be installed?

When it comes to installing shutters in the home, we are often asked the same question of “Should I install my shutters on every window?”. Whilst we would love to have the answer to every question like this, the solution in this instance lies with you and your home, your style preferences, and your budget.…

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Can plantation shutters be installed in my bathroom?

Plantation shutters are profoundly versatile, and many homeowners across the UK have reaped their benefits by having them installed to the bay, sash and casement windows in their bedrooms, lounges, and dining rooms, but there always seems to be the lingering question “Can I have plantation shutters installed in my bathroom?”. With much hesitation around…

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Victorian 3 part Bay

How much do shutters cost?

The definitive buying guide – saving you precious time! 70% of shutter consumers seek several quotations to understand what types of shutters are best for them and to find the best deal. Here, we can save you time by explaining all you need to know about the cost of shutters. What is the average cost of…

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Can you reduce heat loss with plantation shutters?

With winter fast approaching, it’s common for families to debate heating within homes up and down the country. You won’t be a stranger to hearing “Is it too early in the year to switch it on?” or “Can we hold out without it for a few more weeks?”, and often you may feel as though…

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Shutters vs. blinds [a guide]

The way in which you choose to decorate your home can bring a lot of excitement, as well as pressure to get it right. With your windows alone, the options can be endless. From shutters to venetian blinds, which is best? Let’s walk through the factors which may lead you to your final decision… Light…

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Do plantation shutters add value to your home?

Home improvements have soared in popularity over the last two years. From extensions to a change in interior décor, adding style and sophistication to your property can be an exciting and beneficial task, as more upgrades than we realise can add value to our homes – including plantation shutters! What are plantation shutters? When it…

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Are shutters blackout?

Shutters offer great levels of light elimination and most customers find them sufficient for their bedrooms. However, shutters are not complete blackout. For those requiring greater levels of light elimination, shutters can be paired with an integrated blackout system where a pleated blackout blind is built into the rear of the shutter framing, providing a…

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Benefits of our shutters

7 Benefits of our shutters

Shutters are becoming increasingly popular across London and the UK. Not only do our shutters ooze sophistication and simply look gorgeous, they also have many unique benefits. Let’s explore 7 of the many reasons why customers choose shutters. 1. Shutter are timeless and elegant Window shutters are a classic choice that will never go out…

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MDF vs Wood

MDF shutters vs Wood shutters?

Whilst doing your initial research into choosing the best shutters for your home, you may have come across the two most popular types of materials. Wood and MDF. The difference between the two may not immediately be visually apparent and before making a financial commitment, you will need to find out which one is more…

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Shutters for sliding and bi-fold doors

Shutters for sliding and bi-fold doors

In recent years, bi-fold doors have become an extremely popular choice as we seek to inject more natural light into our homes. At some point, you shall consider a dressing for your bi-fold doors and we understand that it may be a difficult decision to cover the wonderful view of your outside space. However, light…

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