Living Room Shutters Full Height with Midrail Divide

When it comes to installing shutters in the home, we are often asked the same question of “Should I install my shutters on every window?”. Whilst we would love to have the answer to every question like this, the solution in this instance lies with you and your home, your style preferences, and your budget. However, what we are able to lend our assistance with is the advice we regularly supply to customers with this query.

The routes that you could take with your shutter installation are entirely tailorable, and we commonly see a number of approaches taken by customers. These include:

Installing plantation shutters only in rooms with higher levels of light

Plantation shutters hold multiple benefits and are often opted for to improve practical aspects of daily life. Sunlight pouring in through your windows is a sight we are always wishing for, but it can often be impractical. Whether your home is occupied by someone who has just returned home from a nightshift and requires darkness, someone who works from home and struggles to see their screen thorough the glare, someone who is host to a regular movie day, or children complaining that the sun is blocking their vision, plantation shutters in specific areas can provide the solution.

Installing plantation shutters to every window within a room

Remaining in line with the previous requirement, there is absolutely no rule to say that plantation shutters must be installed throughout your home. Of course, there are those amongst us who would prefer for a uniform look throughout their property, but this isn’t for everyone! You may feel as though one room needs added privacy, such as a lounge boasting a new flat screen television, or a bathroom with poor frosted glass. Whatever the reason, shutters are a great addition to any room. Our only advice would be to install them to every window within that room.

Installing plantation shutters across an entire floor of your property

Some homeowners appreciate an ounce of consistency across their homes, especially when looking in from outside, and so decide to create balance by installing shutters across an entire floor of their home. There is no right or wrong with this option, and you could opt to either supply your upstairs or downstairs with the window coverings, depending on where you may find that you require the most privacy. Creating this form of consistency will also help increase your kerb appeal.

Installing plantation shutters over a period of time

Who’s to say shutters on every window is not an option? If you are confident that this is the aesthetic that you are seeking, you could benefit from opting to have your plantation shutters installed over a longer period, allowing you to stretch out the costs rather than paying a single lump sum, whilst still reaping the physical and aesthetic benefits of plantation shutters in every room.

Mixing and matching plantation shutters with wooden blinds

If a home full of plantation shutters isn’t something you feel you could achieve, and the previous options don’t seem as though they would work for you, there is one final option – mixing and matching your plantation shutters with venetian blinds. This option provides the ability to have each window partnered with a covering that holds a similar appearance and function. It is worth reminding you that, with wooden blinds, you wont be able to reap the full benefits of plantation shutters, such as insulation and energy saving.

For further advice on how to have your plantation shutters installed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We will work with your requirements and preferences to provide a solution that works for you. Give us a call on 0800 023 5044 or email us at today.