Home improvements have soared in popularity over the last two years. From extensions to a change in interior décor, adding style and sophistication to your property can be an exciting and beneficial task, as more upgrades than we realise can add value to our homes – including plantation shutters!

What are plantation shutters?

When it comes to modern living, plantation shutters really are practically perfect in every way. They are constructed of fully adjustable wooden louvres that sit inside a frame built specifically for your window, delivering varying levels of light and privacy. They can refresh your property, inside and out, providing a style upgrade that is carefully tailored to suit your taste and personality.

So, how can plantation shutters add value to your home?

Made to measure

Unlike off-the-shelf purchases, plantation shutters are intricately measured to fit your property. No matter the size or shape of your windows, you can guarantee a beautifully bespoke, durable solution to cover the windows in all desired rooms, providing you with privacy, style and endless light.

A tasteful addition to any décor

The simplicity of plantation shutters provides a customised style that suits any interior – whether you want to match your current aesthetic or move your home into the future. With no need to change or update the curtains and blinds, simplicity extends past appearance and into practicality. It’s a win-win.

Energy efficient

By being measured to match your exact window dimensions, plantation shutters can add value to your home by saving you money on your monthly energy bills! Forming a snug, additional barrier between your windows and home, they are highly effective when it comes to preventing drafts and insulating your room, keeping warmth contained and reducing your need for central heating.

Low maintenance

With required maintenance kept to a minimum, plantation shutters prove to be a worthwhile investment, supplying you with peace of mind that they will remain in their pristine, aesthetically appealing condition for the long run. With no risk of chemical damage from deep cleaningor the fraying and discolouration which you may get from aging curtains or blinds, it’s no wonder they can add value to your home. They really are simple, yet beautiful.

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