Sash windows are a wonderful architectural feature in many Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian homes and also traditional buildings. Shutters for sash windows are a popular choice, they enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your sash windows from the inside and out. Whether you have wooden sash windows, uPVC sash windows in a bay or a more standard rectangular shape, shutters are a great choice.

Here at London Interior Shutters, we are London’s leading shutter company and with the architectural landscape of the capital we have designed, surveyed and installed over 20,000 sash window shutters.

Why Sash Window shutters?

Aesthetics: Shutters add a classic and timeless look to sash windows, complimenting the lines and design of the window to enhance the overall appearance of sash windows from the inside and out providing an aesthetical harmony.

Privacy: Shutters offer a unique & precise control over privacy. You can adjust the different sections of louvres or panels to control the amount of light and visibility whilst nobody can see in, to create the perfect balance throughout the day.

Light: You can have as much or as little light as you desire. Adjust the louvres to control and direct the light or fully fold open the shutter panels to fully expose the window for an uninterrupted view. With the correct design and installation you will maintain all natural light and can also pair with a blackout solution.

Heat Loss: Shutters are excellent in helping to improve energy efficiency. They provide an additional layer of insulation between the window and the room reducing drafts and energy loss through glass. Several studies show shutters as the most effective window treatment.

Ventilation:  During warmer months, shutters help to keep your home cool. Opening both the upper and lower sashes of the window while leaving the shutter panels closed allows for a natural flow of air while keeping direct sun light and insects out.

Sound Insulation: Shutters also contribute to sound insulation. They act as an additional barrier against external noise, making the home a quieter and more peaceful place. This is especially beneficial for homes located in noisy urban areas or near busy streets.

Increased Property Value: The aesthetic appeal of sash windows with shutters can significantly increase the property value. Potential buyers often perceive homes with shutters more desirable and may be willing to pay a premium for their inclusion. Additionally, they can improve the curb appeal, making your home stand out in the market.

Child-safe: Shutters are totally cordless which can provide a significant hazard to young children. They also provide a sturdy additional barrier between the room and the window, restricting child assess. Shutters can be paired with security locks for further peace of mind.

Wooden shutters for sash windows

Shutters are available in various materials, including wood and composite materials. The choice of wooden shutter for sash windows depends on the preferences for durability, design, maintenance and needs of each room. Send us an enquiry and we can understand your requirements and assess your sash windows for the best possible material choice.

What are my shutter design options for sash windows?

Shutters for sash windows are extremely popular as you have the most options compared to any other type of window. They complement the beauty of each other and the synergy between sash windows and shutters extends beyond aesthetics – each design brings its different benefits.

Option 1: Tier on Tier shutters

Tier-on-tier are the most popular shutter design for sash windows. Like stable doors you can independently fold open the top section whilst the lower section remains closed for privacy. This looks great for sash windows as the panel split matches the sash window frame at 50/50.

Option 2: Full height shutters

Second most popular shutter design is full height shutters or also known as full length shutters. These give a simple, clean minimal look allowing the louvres to be tilted above and below the sash window frame to control light and privacy.

Option 3: Café style shutters

Café style shutters, also known as half height, only cover the bottom half of sash windows leaving the upper part of the window exposed. A popular option for those who only require privacy at eye level. They can be paired with curtains to increase privacy.

Option 4: Solid shutters

Solid shutters feature sophisticated solid panels inspired by the designs of the Victorian period. They are a traditional type of shutter and have a unique style, whereby they do not have slats or louvres. The solid panels are either open or closed, with nothing in between. However, they provide more light closure than louvred shutters.

Can I still open my sash windows with shutters installed?

Yes, you can still open sash windows when you have shutters installed. To open the sash windows simply fold open the shutter panels. This provides access to the window, allowing you to slide open and close the window as you need.

Do I need to remove my sash window handles?

Sash hooks are typically used in conjunction with sash windows allowing ease of opening and closing of the window. A common question we are asked is “do I need to remove them?” Simple answer, no. A professional should carefully plan your shutter placement so as not to obstruct the handles or request these to be removed.

How do shutters compare with blinds or curtains for sash windows?

Light & space optimisation
Shutters are typically mounted within the window frame leaving decorative mouldings and architraves exposed. Which means shutters do not intrude into the living space as much as curtains or blinds providing a more light-filled and spacious room.

Care and Maintenance
Shutters are relatively easy to maintain and will last for decades. They can be dusted or wiped clean with minimal effort, compared to curtains or blinds, which require regular washing or have hard to reach areas due to cords and strings. Our top tip is using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment!


Shutters are unique in that we have the ability to adapt the design to meet the needs of different windows in order to provide a bespoke level of light and privacy control. In comparison, blinds and curtains have very limited design options to optimise their functionality.


In general, a quality shutter should last 10-20 years. Whereas the lifespan and quality of blinds or curtains can widely vary from product to product.

What colour shutters should I choose for sash windows?

By far the most popular colour choice is white for sash windows. However, any colour is possible with shutters and we colour match all shades from Farrow & Ball, Dulux and Little Greene.


White shutters are a timeless choice that complement most architectural and interior styles. They create a clean and elegant look, especially when paired with white-trimmed sash windows. White shutters can also make your room appear larger and more prominent.

Bold Colours

Make a bold statement by choosing a splash of colour to draw attention and become a focal point in a room. The colour you choose can have a psychological impact on the mood and energy of the room. Bold colours work particularly well on solid shutters and café style shutters.

Natural Wood Stains

If you are looking for a more traditional and warm appearance, consider natural wood stains for your shutters. This choice adds a rustic and inviting feel to your home. A popular option for those wanting to match their shutters to wood flooring, furniture etc.

If you need further information for sash windows shutters contact us today. Alternatively, you can use our online quotation tool for a quick quote, where our small family team shall be happy to assist.

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