Tracked shutters are a great solution if you’re looking for ways to optimise the space in your home. An extension isn’t always a viable option for homeowners, whether this be financially or in terms of how much space is able to be added within regulations. A clever solution is tracked shutters. They can be used in a variety of ways in order to maximise and save space within your home, and their installation is not intrusive to your lifestyle.

Tracked Shutters can be used in a variety of ways in order to maximise and save space.

What Are Tracked Shutters?

Tracked shutters are set along a sliding track on the top and the bottom. This allows them to slide on a bi-fold or horizontal basis, as a moveable feature in your home. This ensures that they can have multiple purposes. They can be used internally, along a window to the exterior, within an alcove, and more, boasting incredible versatility within your property.

Save Space Instead Of A Regular Door

Tracked shutters can be installed in place of doors, as a room divider for example. This allows you to maximise the space in your room, without having to account for the space needed to open a swinging door. Tracked shutters instead slide along a mounted track, either on the ceiling, wall or floor. This makes them ideal for smaller spaces, as they let you decorate your room however you would like, without having to consider the dimensions of a standard door.

Divide A Room

Shutters are an innovative and stylish way of creating a divide in your space. As tracked shutters are retractable, the room divide can be a flexible arrangement. This means that you can transform your space into whatever you need at the time – sectioning off half of the room to host a dinner party or create a work-from-home office, for example. This is very useful in open-plan spaces, and studio flats.

  • Create A Home Office

    Working from home often demands a lot of focus and a dedicated space. If space is limited in your home, this could be an issue. Tracked shutters can help you divide your room and create a separate working environment, increasing your productivity. As these are retractable, you can slide the shutters back at the end of your working day to reveal your living space and make the room larger.

  • Creating Zones In Your Office

    In an office environment, space must often be movable. If you have a small space but you sometimes require an extra meeting room, for example, you could install tracked shutters so that when you need that private space, you can slide them closed and create a new room.

  • Separate An Ensuite Bathroom

    As a design statement, you could choose to include tracked shutters as the separation between your master bedroom and your ensuite. This can add to your unique style in your space, and can help you ventilate the area. This is especially helpful when having showers or baths, preventing the steam from creating mould in the space. You could consider this if you don’t have a window in your ensuite. Another use for your bathroom, is using a shutter as the door to your linen closet or airing cupboard. This will encourage ventilation for your laundry in the space.

Utilise Shutters As Wardrobe Doors

If space is limited in your home, you may be looking for ways to store your clothes without the bulk of a new wardrobe. If you have an alcove in your home, you may choose to store your clothes in the recess of the walls. This can then be covered with tracked shutters. Their sliding mechanism reduces the amount of space needed open the wardrobe, meaning that you can decorate the room with more freedom than when you use a swing door.

Extend This Trick To All Doors In Your Home

This trick can also be extended to the rest of the doors in your home. For example, if you need separation between your kitchen and living room but don’t want to take up surface area with a swinging door, a tracked shutter can slide along the doorway. This becomes both a style feature and an opportunity for space saving.

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What Are Some Benefits Of Tracked Shutters?

Tracked shutters can not only help you maximise your space, but offers multiple benefits that your home will be grateful for. Going hand in hand with the space saving element, these benefits will help you realise why you should choose tracked shutters.

  • Cost Saving

    Tracked shutters used for the purposes outlined can be a cost saving opportunity. As a room divider, shutters can provide you with the flexibility to change your home as and when you wish. It can allow for multipurpose spaces, which is useful when entertaining or creating a workspace in your property. Tracked shutters will be a much more cost-effective option to do this, rather than investing in a home extension.

  • Light Control

    Shutters can offer superior light control in your home. Due to their slatted design, the amount of light that comes into your space can be controlled by you. If you are creating zones in your space with tracked shutters, their slats can help you make sections of your home darker if you would wish. This amount of control helps you make your home individual to you and your preferences.

  • Ventilation For Clothing

    If you elect to use tracked shutters for your wardrobes, ventilation is a great benefit. When your clothes are kept in your wardrobe, they may start to smell stale or be victim to moths. Shutters are excellent for ventilation due to their slats, and so you can control the amount of air that your clothes receive. This can help you preserve the longevity of your wardrobe’s contents.

  • Superior Aesthetics

    Shutters can add a flair of style to your home, which may even take it to the next level. Rather than following the norm you could choose shutters within your home. Whether it be as a wardrobe or a room divider, you can add your individual style into your property with the inclusion of shutters. The variation of colours, finishes and designs that you can find with shutters can help you customise your style even further.

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