Solid Style Shutters – sophistication inspired by the Victorian period.

Solid Style Shutters, or Victorian Shutters as they are also known, have been in our homes for more than 200 years and provide a traditional finish to any window. They are designed to block out as much light as possible and offer a great level of insulation.  These are ideal dressings for bedroom windows or windows overlooking busy roads . They are a fantastic option if you would like to create a traditional look whilst still insulating your home.

London Interior Shutters offer Traditional Solid Shutters in Shaker Design, Raised Design, or a combination of these with louvres with a solid base design.​

What are Solid Style Shutters?

Solid Style Shutters are non-louvred shutters consisting of solid panels. However, they can also be combined with louvres if required. They are best designed as Tier-on-Tier Style, Café Style or Full Height Style. They can also be bi-folding and are suitable for bay windows..