Shutters are quickly becoming a crucial aspect of living room décor. With excellent versatility alongside light and privacy control, they can complement the beauty and functionality of your living room. Choosing the perfect living room shutters can be a game-changer for your living sanctuary. So, let’s explore 10 expert tips for selecting the best suited living room shutters that blend seamlessly with your home.

1. Consider your living room style

Shutters can perfectly complement both a modern interior and the period features of a traditional style. However, you’d want to consider the colour schemes of your living room and the finishes you’d prefer on your shutters. For example, full-height shutters are excellent when installed in living rooms. The elongated panels will provide your space with a simple yet elegant touch that you’ll be proud of.

2. Explore different shutter types

Luckily, there are many shutter options for you to choose from. Full-height shutters are great for full coverage and insulation. Tier-on-tier shutters offer twin panels that open and close independently, thus adding excellent privacy and light control to your windows. You could also choose to go with the café style which creates a unique half-window look whilst also letting ample light into your living room. Windows that are of special shape need a customised shutter design to ensure that they seamlessly blends in with the shape of the window, as well as your interior style.

For more help exploring modern living room shutter styles, give our detailed blog a read.

3. Evaluate material options

Your ideal living room shutter design highly depends on the material you choose. This ensures that your shutters will be durable, sturdy, and have longevity. Hardwood introduces a classic appeal and warmth to your living room, whilst MDF can be low-maintenance and cost-effective option. You can also opt for a hybrid shutters which can grant you the best of both worlds with a myriad of finish options. These are extremely durable and lightweight.

4. Think about customisation

Customisation is key to having perfect, bespoke living room shutter design. Think of your priorities when it comes to installing shutters in your windows. If you prefer natural light, choose your louvre size, colour and finish of your shutters accordingly. Shutters are available in a vast array of colours. Darker shades can be a good contrast to your subtle living room décor, whilst lighter shades can allow the room to feel brighter. You should also explore the option of  tilt rod placement. Each option brings a varied look and functionality to your living room shutters. If security is main priority for your living room, you can explore domestic security shutters.

5. Keep usability in mind

Your modern living room shutter styles need to match the nature and pace of your lifestyle. For busy households, it is important to consider the maintenance of the shutters. Ask your chosen supplier how best to care for your shutters. Learn about the warranty they’ll provide and how long the material will last when maintained properly.

6. Use an expert to get the right measurements

It might look simple, but the smallest of errors in measuring can have a costly impact on your installation. Using an experienced professional removes any scope of error in getting the right quote for your living room shutters. You can speak to an expert from our team at London Interior Shutters; we’ll arrange a design appointment to measure your windows and offer you a quote.

7. Think of privacy and light control

Consider the orientation of your living room windows. If you have windows facing the street or nearby properties, you’d naturally want increased privacy. Café style shutters are great for heightened privacy at eye level whilst the uncovered portion gives you ample natural light. Make sure you choose a shutter style that lets you adjust the louvres for better control over privacy and light.

8. Choose energy-efficient shutters

One of the primary reasons why people install shutters is that they want to reduce their heating and cooling costs. The UK weather can be a little unpredictable and extreme at times. This gives rise to the need for great insulation to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When choosing shutters for your living room, go for energy-efficient materials.

9. Perfect installation matters

Most households will only care about the living room shutter design ideas, styles, and materials, forgetting all about the installation aspect, which is equally important in ensuring that your shutters perfectly fit into your window frames and complement living room interior. Before you work with a local shutter company, make sure you understand how they work and the services they provide. Explore their galleries and case studies to get an idea about their previous work. Ask them what measures they take to ensure the perfect installation of living room shutters.

10. Budget wisely

Shutters are a long-term investment for the household. You don’t want to repair or replace them every couple of years. But at the same time, it is important that you maintain them properly, which calls for wise budgeting. When you work with shutter specialists, they will give you a quote for your living room shutters. You need to compare that quote with the quality, material, and services they promise to provide. Warranty and maintenance are two of the main factors to consider here. It is advisable to be honest about your budget with the company so they can work on the quote accordingly.

Over to you

Now you have an idea about all there is to consider, you need to contemplate while choosing the perfect living room shutters. Remember that it is not difficult to find the right material and style for your living room shutters. If you need inspiration and ideas, check out our gallery.

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