Having plantation shutters installed within your property can be an effective way to introduce a permanent aspect of timeless elegance to your home, but just how permanent are these window coverings? Many of our clients frequently ask us about the predicted lifespan of our plantation shutters, so we thought we would share our answer this month.

How long do plantation shutters last?

Similar to other aspects of home décor, the predicted lifespan of our plantation shutters is dependant on a handful of factors. A few of these are down to the way in which we work, and so we can guarantee that they will be carried out to the highest quality, whilst the final one will be down to the way in which you care for them. With the highest quality care, from construction through to post-installation, we can guarantee our shutters will provide your home with timeless style to last a lifetime. So, what exactly is it that makes our plantation shutters last so long?

High quality materials

It goes without saying, the highest quality materials will provide the highest quality product. Every environment is unique, and the location in which they are being installed in can differ. This is why there are a range of high-quality materials available, from MDF and hybrid to hardwood and waterproof, which provide a long-lasting and effective finish for plantation shutters in any room.

Tailored construction

There will be no window covering more tailored to your home than plantation shutters. They are quite literally made-to-measure, so you know you’ll be gaining a shutter solution that fits snug against your frames. Taking care during construction will ensure that every piece is secured to the next, and is fit to last a lifetime without signs of aging or natural wear and tear.

Seamless installation

The longevity of plantation shutters also relies on the method of installation. If taken care of by specialists, you can be sure that they will be installed perfectly, fitting in with the dimensions of your windows and creating a seal. The seamless installation of your window coverings will keep them free from damage, preventing winds passing through gaps, rattling the window coverings, and causing harm or need for repair.

Maintaining your shutters

Once installation is complete, the care of your shutters will be passed onto you. Luckily, they won’t require much maintenance. In fact, they are often considered to be the lowest-maintenance home décor piece that could be installed in properties across the UK! A regular dust over could be all your shutters require,. Allowing them to appear as good as new for the longevity of their installation.

At London Interior Shutters, our team’s expert craftmanship provides properties across the UK with plantation shutters of sublime quality. No matter their location, shape, or size, you can depend on us for shutters that last in the long-run. For any enquiries, get in touch with our team by calling 0800 023 5044 or emailing us at info@inshutters.co.uk.