Tracked Shutters for Large Windows & Doors

Tracked shutters are great perfect to dress large windows and bi-folding doors. They  can also be used as a room divider. The shutters are installed using a tracking system with a smooth running ball bearing system fitted to the top of the opening. This provides a secure and supportive structure for the shutters to operate correctly.

Tracking style shutters are always full height shutters. Traditional solid styles shutters can also be installed with a tracking system. This style allows you to pull back the panels as they slide along the track with complete ease, allowing you to effortlessly open and close the shutters.

There are two types of tracked systems

Bi-fold – the multiple panels on the track can then be bi-folded back to either or both sides at a 90° angle to the track.

Bi-pass – panels can be slid one behind another to either or both sides.

TOP TIP: Bi-Pass Tracked Shutters are ideal as room dividers!